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Team Building Influences The Way We Work With Our Customers

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There are many advantages to remote work, one of them being deliberate and prioritized communication among our team. At Acutedge, we pride ourselves on being experts in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consulting. Our culture and values are built on the pillars of Excellence, Connection, Trust, and Purpose. We believe our culture adds to our expertise and our customers’ experience.  We take advantage of a variety of methods to build trust and connection among our team. One of my favorite ways we do this is by holding our monthly team-building exercise.

One way I see this method working is in our daily communication. The trust and connection we build with one another is apparent in our relationships and conversations with our customers and partner organizations.

While we have our traditional offices located in Philadelphia, you will find Acutedgers all around the U.S.  We believe the ability to work remotely has helped us to organically grow and diversify our team.

February’s Team Building Exercise

These monthly exercises may start a little uncomfortable. Everyone wondering “who will go first,” resulting in a brave volunteer, and ending with us chatting and laughing like old pals.

The goal of these meetings is to build trust through a deeper understanding of one another. Our February exercise involved each of us sharing a picture and a story about that picture.

Team Building, CRM Consulting


A Picture Says a Thousand Words

As each team member shared their picture and story, I couldn’t help but notice patterns and themes, it was a little comical that though each story was different, there was a common thread (maybe, insight into why we work so well together).

Three of us had chosen to share a story and picture that represented a piece of clothing that was generational. One story involved a wedding gown repurposed as a baptism dress; another story focused on a dress made for an infant by her grandmother, the other picture featured a young lady modeling an adorable dress once worn by her aunt.

Many of the stories involved children and animals. Though each experience was unique there was a pattern in learning how to “trust.”

Team Building, CRM Consulting
At Acutedge we value our working relationships. We are always looking for ways to have fun and grow as a team, and though these exercises take place only once a month, the time spent together deepens our trust.

Bobbi is a Pardot Specialist whose gifts include strategic planning and organizational management. She thrives under deadlines and sees opportunity where others might see obstacles. 


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