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Introducing Search Guard

Search Guard - Security for Elasticsearch


Acutedge now offers Search Guard – Security for Elasticsearch through GSA Schedule 70. Acutedge an SBA 8(a)  consulting company has added Search Guard – the leading Security plugin for Elasticsearch to their GSA Schedule 70 catalog. Anyone who purchases through Schedule 70 can now purchase Search Guard licenses and support from Acutedge.

Search Guard is Rock solid Elasticsearch security on all levels.
Search Guard(r) is an Open Source security suite for Elasticsearch and the entire ELK stack that offers encryption, authentication, authorization, audit logging and multi-tenancy.

Whether you just want to encrypt data in transit, authenticate users against Active Directory, use Kerberos or JSON web tokens for Single Sign-On or need to monitor and log malicious access attempts, Search Guard is your one-stop solution.

Search Guard offers Active Directory / LDAP, Kerberos / SPNEGO, Document level security, Field level security, JSON web token support, Audit logging, REST management API, Kibana multitenancy support, full data in transit encryption, Index level access control, HTTP basic authentication, User-, role- and permission management, Node-to-node encryption, Document type level access control, Proxy support, User Impersonation and a range of additional features.

In addition, Search Guard’s licensing options are per cluster, not per node, so you have a certainty of cost even as your cluster expands.

If you would like more information about Search Guard and GSA Schedule 70  purchasing options please contact us at or enter your details here



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