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Acutedge Case Management for Human Services

An open, flexible, Case Management solution built on Salesforce


Your organization isn’t static – stay flexible!

We’ve built our Case Management solution to be both open and scalable; it’s designed from the ground up to handle change. Human Services organizations evolve and need to be able to refine existing Programs & Services, or in some cases introduce completely new Programs & Services, to meet the changing needs of the people they serve.

Some Case Management solutions can present a barrier to change due to their inflexible design or high cost of customization. The Acutedge Case Management solution breaks down this barrier by providing a solution that can be easily and affordably customized as your organization evolves.

Why Salesforce for Case Management?

More and more nonprofits recognize the power of the Salesforce platform in terms of managing interactions with Donors and Volunteers, managing grants, and tracking outcomes; it’s way more than just a place to store contact information!

When combined with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), Salesforce has enabled nonprofit organizations to interact with their constituents in a much more holistic way, and easily track interactions of multiple types in one place (360°  view).

Case Management Package Includes

Designed to be secure and highly flexible, Acutedge’s open design approach means that the system can be easily adapted to meet the changing needs of your organization.

The Case Management Accelerator package includes the software and Quickstart service to get you up and running in weeks as opposed to months or years. Our experts are available to assist organizations with more complex needs such as tracking multiple programs, a custom interface for reporting, advanced security, and high volume data migration, services that fall outside of our Quickstart.

Case Management Accelerator

Cases related to Individuals or Households

Programs and Services tracking

Client Referrals

Customizable views for Case Workers and Supervisors

Client Goals and Milestone tracking

Workshops and Class enrollment

Funding and Grant Tracking

Out-of-the-box Reports & Dashboards

Case Management Quickstart Service

Initial Discovery

Customization of Clients and Households

Selection of 1-1 or 1-Many Program Model

Customize Cases & Case Notes

Customize Assessments, Client Goals and Milestones

Build up to 4 new custom reports and charts

Security Setup

Data import including up to 5,000 contacts or households


Project Oversight

Is the Quickstart Service right for my organization?

Quickstart may be a good fit for organizations with up to two programs and less than 10 users.
We encourage you to contact us to see if you qualify.


An Open and Affordable Case Management Solution

Acutedge’s Case Management Accelerator is a beautiful, open, affordable, and scalable Case Management system built for Human Services organizations. Powered by Salesforce, this solution enables caseworkers to easily track individual or household related Cases, programs and services offered, and report on goals and outcomes. The application’s intuitive interface is highly customizable, whether your organization works in a single or multi-program environment.


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