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Blogging best practices, trends, news, announcements, and ideas – It’s just one more way we aim to deliver more than mere technology. Follow our expert blog and get tips for using your technology more efficiently, getting the most out of it, and optimizing organizational processes. We publish timely information for our current customers and anyone in the planning stages of Salesforce implementation.

Key Take-Aways of the Lightning Now Tour 2018 for Admins

At Acutedge, we strive to stay up to speed on the latest technology and Salesforce advances to continuously increase our effectiveness as Salesforce consultants. That’s why we attended the Salesforce Lightning Now Tour in New York City, New York this June. Our team has already been using Lightning App Builder... Read More

So You Want to Move to Lightning

A starter guide to help you transition from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience   Since its inception in 2015, Lightning has been Salesforce’s most important change to date. Cofounder Parker Harris labeled it “the biggest thing we’ve done since we started the company”. So what’s the big fuss about... Read More

Introducing Search Guard

  Acutedge now offers Search Guard – Security for Elasticsearch through GSA Schedule 70. Acutedge an SBA 8(a)  consulting company has added Search Guard – the leading Security plugin for Elasticsearch to their GSA Schedule 70 catalog. Anyone who purchases through Schedule 70 can now purchase Search Guard licenses... Read More

Change Management tips from a Salesforce veteran

Over the last few years Change Management has been getting a lot of attention, what does it mean and why do we care? People are mostly averse to change, and must overcome it to adopt a new process or technology. From this idea originates the need to manage this... Read More

Is your Salesforce Community secure?

Lately, we’ve seen a significant uptick in our clients implementing Salesforce Communities. Communities are ideal for organizations that deal with “clients” such as in housing and social services space. While you can create an online form for your clients to submit information, if you’d like for them to track their... Read More

Form and Function in the Modern Database

It is common practice for anyone thinking about a tech project to approach form and function as separate parts of the process.  This is how many of us have been taught to dissect a project.  There are even different teams devoted specifically to each – the development team makes... Read More

What can cloud do for affordable housing?

As a technology consultant, I talk to housing agencies on a daily basis. The problems are very similar; paper based forms for client intake, tools like Excel to manage processes, shared “drive” for managing documents, siloed systems that are either chained to a desktop or need a VPN /... Read More

Agile seems to be all the rage these days, is it a fad or are there some real benefits?

We officially moved to Agile (hybrid SCRUM) in 2013. Prior to that we were following waterfall methodology or a version of it. Pre-agile we would meet with a customer to kick-off a project and after several such discovery sessions we would present a document with their responses and have... Read More

Helping a Synagogue Achieve “Shalom” of Mind with Cloud Solutions

Assisting faith-based organizations is one of our core competencies; they have unique and diverse needs, and we have the ideal tools with which to meet them. Membership dues, event logging, volunteer participation, community engagement, petition signatures (when engaging in advocacy), and many other facets of these organizations must be... Read More

Good Counsel for Housing Counselors

  For those who are involved in housing counseling, it is a wonderful feeling to help individuals become (and remain) homeowners; however, there are many different facets of the work that require a great deal of data to be organized, stored, and entered for outcomes reporting and compliance. Employees... Read More

Salesforce: Putting Your House in Order

As the saying goes, a man’s home is his castle; if this is true, then working for an affordable housing agency is truly a noble undertaking. Employees of organizations that provide low-income housing assistance know the satisfaction of helping those in need, but also the difficulty of managing the... Read More

Utilizing Salesforce for Case Management (human services)

All great plans and missions rely on the success of the small details that comprise them. For many nonprofit organizations with lofty goals and world-changing objectives, these little details can be difficult to organize, track, and retrieve. Over the years we have worked on numerous projects involving case management... Read More

Thinking of Making the Switch to NPSP 3.0?

Now that the Nonprofit Starter Pack 3.0 has made its official debut, a lot of organizations that are on the are wondering, “Should we make the switch?” The answer to that question will depend on the customizations your organization has made to your Salesforce instance. For new implementations NPSP... Read More

Outcomes: A four letter word?

Collecting client outcomes has become more and more critical for nonprofit organizations in recent years, and for good reason. Tracking the right outcomes allows nonprofits to show the impact they’ve had and make a compelling case for support from individual donors and organizational funders. The downside to collecting good... Read More

Building Capacity Through Technology

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, right? Through the magic of technology we’re supposed to be more effective, efficient, informed, and insightful. Whew, that’s a lot of pressure! Nonprofit organizations feel this pressure more than most. While the expectation to do more with less is not new... Read More

Publisher Actions

As Salesforce seeks to nudge it’s users’ interactions into a more collaborative environment , they released the oft overlooked Publisher Actions. These handy little bits of functionality allow developers and administrators the ability to give their users a quick and easy way to update records, create child records, or... Read More

Another blog post about Chatter?

I’m just going to come out and say it. I love Chatter. It wasn’t a love at first sight thing – I was actually opposed to it at first. Facebook for business? Really? But as I began to use the functionality more and more on project work, I began... Read More

What Every Nonprofit Ought to Know About the New Salesforce 1 Platform

Salesforce 1 is a new customer platform that addresses the growing need to connect client data through every application you use. Often times nonprofit employees wear many hats and don’t have a minute to spare in a day. Salesforce 1 allows employees to focus their valuable time on mission... Read More

How Your Nonprofit Organization Can Use Salesforce Embedded Analytics

A great new way to boost your Salesforce analytic capabilities is here with Embedded Analytics from the winter 14’ release. Have you ever needed more insight in to an organization or individual’s overall involvement with your organization? Now you can have critical insights into your data from the record... Read More

Private Activities in Salesforce: Have you ever needed to make Activities Private while sharing the parent record?

I recently worked on a project where the Client needed to track private activities without making the contacts Private. Executive Director and Senior Managers worked with  high-net worth individuals and needed to track activities that were confidential in nature. Other users also worked with these Contacts, so we didn’t... Read More

Tips for Syncing Salesforce with Quickbooks Series (Part 3 of 5)

This is part 3 of a series of 5 blog posts that I will be posting on custom field mapping, formulas, and tips that you may find useful during your DBSync integration project. In this post I’ll be specifically addressing tips for Item to Product syncing. The other topics... Read More

Why you should use (or not) Record Types in Salesforce?

Record Types have a lot of benefits but if not implemented correctly they can create unnecessary complexity for users and admins alike. In a nutshell, Record Types enable admins to display specific standard and custom fields; picklist values for end-users based on the type of record to be created.... Read More

Tips for Syncing Salesforce with Quickbooks Series (Part 2 of 5)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I initially worked with Avankia’s DBSync a couple of years ago as a Salesforce (SF) administrator integrating our company’s Quickbooks (QB) with our Salesforce data and over the past couple of months I have been re-introduced to it as a Salesforce consultant... Read More


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