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Transforming Healthcare and Senior Living Nonprofits with Salesforce

Acutedge, Salesforce Partner to Health and Human Services

If you work with a healthcare or senior living nonprofit, you might be asking if Salesforce can benefit your organization. The answer is “yes”!

Salesforce can be used in a healthcare nonprofit to streamline operations, enhance patient care, streamline recruiting and onboarding, and drive fundraising efforts, all while ensuring efficient management of patient records, appointments, healthcare programs, and resident services.

With the recent introduction of the Nonprofit Cloud, healthcare and senior living organizations can use a single system to manage operations, sales, fundraising, case management, program management and grant management. These features, when combined with real-time analytics, provide actionable insights that can help improve service delivery and showcase the impact of nonprofit programs, ultimately supporting the mission of providing quality healthcare services to those in need.

Let’s explore some key use cases of Salesforce in the healthcare and senior living sectors:

Acquisition and Outreach (Patient and Provider Engagement):

A prospective patient may begin their journey online or through social media. However, they may not take the next steps to make an appointment. Salesforce, with tools like Marketing Cloud and Digital Engagement, can send email or text reminders, reducing no-shows. For organizations such as an FQHC (Federally Qualified Health Center or a Community Health Center) serving vulnerable populations with social barriers, such as transportation issues, Salesforce can empower schedulers to efficiently engage patients through a unified interface.

For nonprofits with sales teams responsible for generating referrals by visiting case managers and providers, Salesforce’s CRM can be a game-changer. It allows for the efficient management of provider relationships and the ability to see real-time data on patient conversions, helping organizations focus their efforts where they are most likely to be effective.

Administration (Call Centers, Scheduling, Shift Management, Billing, and Facilities)

Salesforce’s strength lies in its capacity to integrate with other systems, reducing the need for extensive manual intervention. By consolidating data from online forms, appointments, medical records and billing systems, Salesforce equips schedulers with up-to-date patient information on a single screen. Automated provider matching based on patient preferences and provider availability, can streamline scheduling processes and enhance patient and provider satisfaction.

Service/Care Delivery (Care Coordination, Social Determinants of Health, Provider Credentialing, Patient 360)

Healthcare is changing as we speak. Reimbursement models based on Value-Based Care will be the norm going forward. Providers that have embraced this model are already designing new “whole-person” care mixes to take advantage of this opportunity. While an EMR is great for tracking medical data, the whole-person care may include scheduling a Lyft ride, or a wellness class, activities that are better suited for Salesforce.

Similarly, addressing staffing shortages, particularly in post-acute care, is a top priority for healthcare executives. Salesforce can expedite recruiting and onboarding processes. Utilizing Einstein GPT, agencies can match providers based on preferences, credentials, specialties, and availability to patients who will benefit the most from working with them.

Patient Engagement (Text, Chat, Email Reminders, Pre and Post-Visit Engagement)

Engaged patients tend to experience better outcomes. Salesforce offers a suite of tools, including Experience Cloud, which provides a secure platform for patients, their families, and the care team to communicate. For instance, a senior living facility can use Service Cloud and Experience Cloud to enable residents to submit maintenance requests or access the weekly dinner menu.

Final Thoughts:

In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, Salesforce offers a flexible, yet scalable platform for nonprofit healthcare and senior living organizations. With its comprehensive suite of tools and a focus on improving operational efficiency, patient care, and engagement, Salesforce helps nonprofits better serve their communities and advance their mission to provide quality healthcare services.

Sandeep Banga, CEO and Founder, Acutedge

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