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How can the workforce development sector benefit from a case management application?

If you’re like most non-profit case managers, you began your career to serve others and make a meaningful impact. Unfortunately, using antiquated systems to perform administrative functions prevents your organization from being as effective as it could be. Imagine what you could accomplish if the time you spent on office work could be spent on program or service delivery?

What would it be like to enter your case notes while visiting a client in the field?

What would it be like to have your client’s complete intake electronically?

What if your teams could generate key reports such as “open” cases or unique individuals served this year vs last year, at the click of a button?


Beautifully designed and easy to use, Elevate’s case management platform enables nonprofits like yours to streamline their office, tracking and reporting responsibilities so that they can spend more time serving clients. Among other things a case management application such as Elevate can help your workforce team:


Simplify Your In-take Process

It’s no secret that the easier something is to do, the more likely people are to do it. Your potential clients are going to be far more likely to sign up for your Workforce Development programs if the enrollment process is hassle-free.  

With Elevate’s digital forms, your clients don’t need to fill out their information over and over again. Once entered, it can be automatically populated into other programs. So now clients can enroll in additional programs by clicking a button instead of filling out another form.  It also reduces workload for your staff, who no longer have to spend valuable time re-entering data.

Moreover, the demographics you gather for your programs can be standardized (DOB, address, race/ethnicity, gender, etc.) or customized (current education level, job certifications, work status, and more) depending on your needs.


Make Job Training Count for Every Client with Improved Tracking

Class enrollment and attendance are crucial for the success of your programs. To meet course outcomes, clients must first meet their attendance requirements.  Elevate’s attendance management screens allow you to see which students are on track so they can move onto the next step – job placement – without delay.

Though job placement is the goal of most workforce training programs, tracking the link between job training and job placement can prove challenging. Oftentimes they are tracked on two different systems that struggle to talk to each other.

Elevate allows disparate functions to work together so you and your staff can analyze job training and job placement information all in one place. 


Demonstrate Accountability with Improved Reporting 

As a program director, you know that showing accurate, easy to understand reports is essential to securing ongoing funding. Elevate has streamlined the reporting process turning it into a one- or two-click task in most cases. 

It also allows you to report on precise metrics, so you can report, as an example, that 50 of your veteran students successfully completed the Microsoft Networking Essentials training and 30 of them were able to secure an equitable job within 90 days.

Our customers tell us that using Elevate’s intake, tracking and reporting functionalities have been revolutionary to their organization saving them massive amounts of time and reducing their workloads. If you’d like to learn more about what Elevate can do for your workforce development org contact us today and fill out the form to request a demo.

Lisa Angerame is a Content Strategist that frequently writes about the use of technology to improve humankind.


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