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What Every Nonprofit Ought to Know About the New Salesforce 1 Platform

Salesforce 1 is a new customer platform that addresses the growing need to connect client data through every application you use. Often times nonprofit employees wear many hats and don’t have a minute to spare in a day. Salesforce 1 allows employees to focus their valuable time on mission driven work instead of spending time converging data from various collection points.
Here’s an example of how the human services sector can benefit from the new Salesforce 1 platform:

Many nonprofits in the human services sector have employees and volunteers that work out in the field, interacting directly with clients in their own environment. Client data is typically collected on paper, or a separate device/system. This commonly leads to data being lost, not easily transparent and/or not easily accessible. The delayed transfer of data into mission critical applications slows down the delivery of services and help that’s provided in order to improve their clients’ lives.

Using Salesforce1, nonprofits now have direct access to their data anywhere and on any device. By creating a Salesforce1 app users can directly access intake forms and surveys on their phones, iPads, laptops, tablets, etc. Previously, a user had to have a paid subscription to the salesforce mobile app to access custom objects. Now, with the new Salesforce1 platform users have access to standard and custom objects along with access to VisualForce pages at no additional cost. Like other user interfaces in the system, apps are created with simple drag and drop functionality. Nonprofits can instantly gain insight into the value they are bringing to clients from the point of sale, and put intervention in the places most needed quickly.

Ask your Salesforce Administrator or Salesforce Implementation Partner about how Salesforce 1 can be used in your organization. If you have a story about how Salesforce 1 helped your organization, we’d love to hear it!

– Danielle Galiano is a Nonprofit Salesforce Consultant and Salesforce Certified Administrator & Developer with Acutedge Inc.


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