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Utilizing Salesforce for Case Management (human services)

All great plans and missions rely on the success of the small details that comprise them. For many nonprofit organizations with lofty goals and world-changing objectives, these little details can be difficult to organize, track, and retrieve. Over the years we have worked on numerous projects involving case management or client management for nonprofits in human services and affordable housing sectors leveraging the power of the Salesforce platform.

Most cases have the same basic timeline of events: client intake, where individual (client, patient etc.) is introduced and their personal details are established; questions, concerns, or services provided to the individual are recorded; the resolution for the individual’s specific issue is determined and documented; a response is given to the individual via the appropriate channel of communication (phone or e-mail, for example); the case is closed either due to the individual dropping off or successful completion of the program. Rather than attempting to catalogue and locate the details of each case in spreadsheets, paper files, and a slew of e-mail correspondences, it is far more efficient to use a system such as Salesforce to track these client “files” as Cases.

The benefits of using Case Management on the Salesforce platform are huge when it comes to making data streamlined and easily accessible:

  • As the case progresses, you will be able to add case notes, allowing anyone who examines the record to see case history, assessments, services provided, client goals and outcomes or significant events that occurred during that time.
  • You can further collaborate with other team members by using Chatter to share questions or comments about a specific case—this allows for increased communication among colleagues, in the same place for everyone to view.
  • Rather than searching through months-old e-mails and documents to retrieve important information for a client, you can quickly and easily locate specific details of an individual’s case history from one centralized database.

Not only does this application make life easier for staff members of your nonprofit, it creates a better overall experience for the client! A Customer Portal (using Salesforce Communities) that allows individuals to submit personal information, view details of their case record online may be built as an extension. Auto-response e-mails to confirm the particulars of their case and the contact information of their counselor may be provided. The case history may be made accessible to select staff members using a permission-based scheme. For compliance, history tracking can be enabled on select fields.

We understand that your nonprofit has goals to achieve, people to reach, communities to serve, and lives to impact. It’s not easy to make time for these endeavors when you are using ineffective systems to maintain the details involved in all aspects of your work. Eliminate disorganization and watch the efficiency of your organization soar when you utilize Salesforce Case Management.

Paige Triola is a Lafayette College graduate who has a passion for using technology to help nonprofit organizations make as great an impact on society as possible. She is responsible for content marketing at Acutedge. Paige strives to stay abreast of the latest Salesforce features and updates. In her spare time she likes watching and practicing mixed martial arts and painting in watercolor.



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