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Your organization handles a diverse set of tasks on a daily basis. We can configure Salesforce to handle all of them. Our Salesforce solutions empower you to track client information, programs, outcomes, business processes, property details and more all in the same system.

Because Salesforce is accessible in the cloud, your staff can use it wherever they happen to be working, even on-site at a property.

We’re intimately familiar with the software ecosystem and regulations for affordable housing organizations.

  • We simplify reporting for counseling organizations receiving grants from HUD (HUD 9902) or NFMC.
  • We integrate lending origination systems (LOS) like Encompass and Calyx for organizations offering loans.
  • We enable community organizers to assess their impact by tracking events and attendance over time. And that’s just scratching the surface.

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Also, be sure to check out Umber, a tool to help you manage all your rehab or redevelopment projects for Homeowner Occupied and Acquired properties. To learn more click here.


People are the heart of your work, and we understand that. Salesforce isn’t just for tracking your funders: it can also handle all phases of your case management. We work with organizations that do all forms of counseling: foreclosure, mental health, children, and adult. Other clients provide other direct services. Either way, you need to track details about people over time: the programs they’re enrolled in, their progress, and their participation in workshops.

Reporting becomes incredibly simple when all of this information is tracked in one system created just for your organization. We make it possible to run outcomes reporting, pre and post testing reports, by department or staff member at the click of a button.


Track the full life cycle of a student with Salesforce. During student recruitment, store and retrieve information relating to a student’s applications and recommendations. Once they start in your program, track course acceptance, grading, and fees – all with the same record you created when that student first applied. When your students eventually graduate, we make it easier to engage with them as alumni.


Like most non-profits, faith-based organizations need to track donations. But you also receive contributions in other forms such as membership dues. When community members volunteer at your events, you need to be able to record that information. You may also engage in advocacy, in which case you collect petition signatures. Wouldn’t it be helpful if your records of signers and volunteers were stored in the same place? We can make that happen. And we can integrate with existing systems such as BlackBaud’s Convio or Luminate for sending and tracking action alerts. We can even track your legislative contacts and correspondence.


We are a 8 (a) certified small business that brings our emphasis on impact, ease-of-use, and cost effectiveness from the non-profit world to the public sector. Cloud computing reduces IT costs and enables rapid deployment of effective solutions. Coupled with our Agile approach, contracts with us mitigate your budget and timeline risks.

The flexibility and scalability of Salesforce can meet a variety of government agency needs. You don’t need to sacrifice ease-of-use for your staff just because of regulations. Our solutions let you have both. Let us show you how.

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