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Salesforce Consulting

Many organizations primarily use Salesforce for fundraising, but our consultants can advise you on how Salesforce can provide much, much more! Our certified Salesforce Implementation Consultants provide support, customization, development, and training to flawlessly handle all of your business requirements, including data entry and management needs. Whether you have a complex categories of constituents or lots of event logging, we make sure you have the tools to complete your tasks as efficiently as possible.

Not sure where to start? Our Quickstart package gets you up and running at a fixed cost, with a focus on fundraising. Structured for small teams, ask us about Quickstart to get you a Salesforce deployment right away.

Custom Development

When out-of-the-box Salesforce isn’t enough, we offer Salesforce development using, Apex, and Visualforce. If you don’t know what that all means, don’t worry! With these tools, we extend Salesforce to be even more powerful. Tired of Excel and Access to track your processes? We use to make them accessible. Have processes you need to repeat over and over again? We use Apex to automate them. The standard Salesforce interface doesn’t suit your staff’s needs? We use Visualforce to create slick and intuitive new interfaces.

We also have Software teams that can provide development support in PHP, Javascript, HTML, SQL, Lightning, and other technologies. Additionally, we are able to integrate Salesforce with external services and platforms. Our certified Salesforce consultants and developers have integration experience with email marketing systems, external databases, and company websites on platforms such as WordPress.

Data Integration

We use Salesforce to bring all of your data under one roof. Our clients use a variety of financial systems, accounting software, lending origination systems (LOS), payment gateways, property management software, and more. Our solutions enable you to retain interoperability with legacy systems if necessary or migrate off them entirely if you’d prefer. Either way, integrating your data with Salesforce will make your staff’s job a whole lot easier.


Acutedge is committed to providing user support and Salesforce implementation training to businesses and nonprofits alike. Whether you’re bringing your cause to the cloud for the first time or customizing your existing implementation, our expert consultants understand the importance of education to your success.

We offer comprehensive, customized role-based training to your organization. Example materials include an original curriculum based on job function, a reference guide, an interactive documented user manual, demo videos, and hands-on guidance with a member of our team of expert consultants.

Training Locations

Acutedge provides instruction at the location that is most convenient for you! We are eager to connect onsite, at our training facility, or remotely via web meetings. We’ll train everyone on your staff how to use Salesforce efficiently and effectively. Our consultants empower users to maximize your Salesforce instance for success in their particular work responsibilities.

Salesforce Administrator Training

We also offer intensive Salesforce coaching designed for Administrators and technology staff. We’ll ensure that someone on your staff always knows how to:

  • Create and manage users and profiles
  • Manage reports and dashboards
  • Cleanse data
  • Update Congurations
  • Troubleshoot user issues

Our sessions are task-oriented and focus on the actual work your users will encounter doing their day-to-day jobs. With our help, your organization can retain skills for daily operation and, most importantly, train other users as needed.

Ongoing Support

If you need to have someone on call whenever you hit roadblocks with Salesforce, choose one of our support offerings.

Our Small Team Support package comes in 40 hour blocks. Buy a block and you get access to 40 hours of our time for support. Blocks expire after 6 months.

Choose Enterprise Support if your organization has mission critical applications that can’t be offline for a second. Enterprise Support is geared towards organizations that have 10 or more Salesforce users across multiple departments. Enterprise Support is billed monthly based on usage.

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